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Editor: Christian Anton Gerard

Poetry Editor: Stephanie Dugger

Fiction Editor: Katherine Davis

Non-Fiction Editor: Helen Stead

Managing Editors: Richard Hermes

Carolyn Stice

Grist: The Journal for Writers

Grist is pleased to announce our new blog! We invite you to watch this space for a dynamic discussion of contemporary writing—thoughts on craft, publishing, and the life that both shapes and is shaped by the words we put on the page. We’ll feature a diverse range of contributors from all walks of the literary life. We hope this will be a place where you, our readers, will find a sense of community and an opportunity to participate in an ongoing conversation about the literature we love and love to make.

—The Editors


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Poetry by • Albert Abonado • ŸMary Jo Balistreri •Ÿ Monica Berlin •Ÿ Trent BuschŸ • Michael Collins Ÿ• William Fargason • ŸHannah Fries • ŸBenjamin Goldberg Ÿ• John GossleeŸ • Casandra Lopez • ŸMichael Marberry Ÿ• Beth Marzoni • ŸJennifer Moore • ŸJames Reiss • ŸLiz Robbins • ŸKaren Schubert Ÿ• Brittney Scott •Ÿ Brian Simoneau •Ÿ Naomi Thiers •Ÿ Virgil Suárez • ŸCorrie Lynn White •Ÿ Aliesa Zoecklein •Ÿ Fiction by •Ÿ Gabriel Houck •Ÿ Tamar Jacobs •Ÿ Matt Runkle • A. A. Srinivasan • Laura Usselman • ŸNonfiction by • ŸAllegra Hyde •Ÿ LaTanya McQueen • ŸKatie Walsh •Ÿ Craft Essays by • ŸClaire Miye Stanford • Maura Stanton • ŸInterview with •Ÿ H. L. HixŸ • Online Companion •Ÿ Anne Barngrover • Monica Berlin •Ÿ Beth Marzoni Ÿ• Jennifer ChristieŸ • Rob Roensch •Ÿ Daryl Farmer •


A New Kind of Literary Journal

Founded in 2007 by the graduate students in the Creative Writing Program at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Grist: The Journal for Writers seeks to present a new kind of literary journal. Grist is currently published once a year. Each issue features quality stories (fiction and non) and poems, as well as interviews with writers and essays devoted to discussions of craft. At this time we do not publish literary criticism or book reviews.


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